I Can Wait: Finding Contentment and Peace

Finding Contentment Watching the Sun Rise

Happy Mother’s Day to the moms and grandmothers, aunt’s, and special ones. You are loved and cherished.

Let me begin by saying, I hardly ever write these kinds of posts.

But in the pause of the day, as my husband was doing the dishes, I felt so impressed that I immediately went into our office and began to write.

It’s the first draft — and unedited. So forgive me for that. But I felt strongly… and wanted to share it with you, dear friends

So whoever this was meant for — this is for you.

A Rising Sun

I Can Wait

I’ve spent my life not being… “able to wait.”

When I was 16, I couldn’t WAIT to be 18. Life would be great.

When I was 18, I couldn’t wait to be 21. Finally, an adult.

When I was 20, I couldn’t wait to graduate.

Once graduated, I dreamed of getting married, starting my career.

Once married, all I could think about was setting up our home.

And then babies… I couldn’t WAIT to have our first child.


I look back at those years of “not being able to wait,” and I am struck by this.

…I can wait.

The urgency toward the next hurdle, the next holiday, the next season… the next decade… has diminished.

Even though I love holidays and parts of me will always anticipate them.

Today, I find myself living more in the here and now, in the “moment,” as they say.

My longing is to slow time, hoping the years pass more slowly.

Learning and living and being… here, right now, today, is the most beautiful thing I imagine and dream.

Do I still dream?


I’m tempted to say I can’t wait for my son to find the one and only… to graduate… to achieve his dreams. And I can’t wait for someday – grandchildren.

I’m tempted to say that I’m longing for that someday dream house – or dream kitchen.

Anticipating the end of quarantine, to the world finding health and well-being.

For children to be loved as they deserve to be loved.

For kindness and civility and beautiful flowers and… a perfect summer.

But I won’t. Because of lessons I’m learning today.

I find that I am content… today. Tomorrow will come, I believe it will be beautiful. But it will come in its time.

Today is here. My family is here. Blessings… though hidden sometimes… are here, today.

I can wait for tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “I Can Wait: Finding Contentment and Peace

  1. Patrick

    How true those thoughts are. At 62 I have seem a lot and been through a lot . Losing my son and brother to opioid addiction and suicide, and losing my father and father in law in a die teen month period. This virus and confinement reminds me how much more I miss them! My hope is like yours if we could only slow time and enjoy the time I have left in the world. I seldom put my feelings out there but today I feel a compelling feeling to do so. Not only to help me but to tell others losing loved ones in this horrible virus. Stay strong and safe, and say thanks to those on the front lines. God Blee You All!

    1. Thank you so much, Patrick! I am so terribly sorry for your losses. Staying in does give us a lot of time to think and reflect… and recognize our blessings. Thank you so much for sharing with us — I have been and will continue to pray for you. Stay strong and healthy!

  2. Marti Wells

    So true how we try to rush through life. I really enjoyed that? Thank you for sharing

    1. Thank you, Marti! That means a lot!!

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