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An Easy Scottish Afternoon Tea to Remember

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Treat yourself and your friends to an easy Scottish Afternoon Tea with rustically simple foods and hearty abundance. Perfect for splendid autumn days or cold winter afternoons.

Bowl of Smoked Haddock Soup

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These Scottish afternoon tea recipes will delight all who sit at your tea table.

“Savored in the waning sunlight of an idyllic autumn day,” Victoria Magazine inspires, “a hearty banquet of classic fare transports guests to the rolling hills of Scotland, where culinary tradition honors the satisfying simplicity of regional abundance.”

Satisfying simplicity, hearty fare, and rich abundance characterize the Scottish Afternoon Tea or High Tea. And yes, afternoon tea and high tea are different. You can read more here…

Warmth and the gathering of friends are what make a Scottish Afternoon tea so memorably delightful.

We’ve gathered some simple ideas and recipes of Scottish fare to easily host your own tea. Bring out the plaids, light the fire, or serve outdoors. This is one Afternoon Tea that won’t easily be forgotten.

Scottish Afternoon Tea

Treat your friends to an easy Scottish Afternoon Tea with rustically simple foods with hearty abundance. Perfect for splendid autumn days.

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  1. Rona I totally agree! Afternoon tea is afternoon tea! Where are the cucumber sandwiches? (But not with cream cheese, because what self respecting Brit would put that on anything!) I will say the cream cookies might be one of the things I miss the most from home, those and Gregg’s sausage rolls!!

  2. Whoever wrote at the top that afternoon tea and high tea are two different things was spot on. So why then go on to list a slew of recipes that would be appropriate for high tea as afternoon tea dishes? Scottish oat maple scones with Irish butter? We don’t have maple syrup in Scotland and we use Scottish butter. Tattie scones? They’re for breakfast, not afternoon tea. Skink of any type for afternoon tea? Havers. Smoked haddock bake? Steak sandwiches. Prosciutto is a stretch but that might work for afternoon tea but so much of this is just wrong for afternoon tea.
    They may all be excellent dishes, and they look nice, but lumping a pile of assorted dishes together under the heading “afternoon tea” is just silly.

    1. Thank you, Rona, for your criticism. You may be right. While I have spent a good deal of time in Europe and England, I’ve not been to Scotland. I leaned heavily on Victoria Magazine and others and linked to those sources, believing them to be more informed than me.

  3. This is a delightful idea and collection of recipes. I’m going to remember this for a friend who is in a very hard season of life. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Mary! I’m so glad you enjoyed it and that it might encourage your friend. That is why we do what we do and hope, in the end, someone is encouraged!

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