An Easy Scottish Afternoon Tea to Remember

Bowl of Smoked Haddock Soup

Treat yourself and friends to an easy Scottish Afternoon Tea with rustically simple foods with hearty abundance. Perfect for splendid autumn days or cold winter afternoons.

“Savored in the waning sunlight of an idyllic autumn day,” Victoria Magazine inspires, “a hearty banquet of classic fare transports guests to the rolling hills of Scotland, where culinary tradition honors the satisfying simplicity of regional abundance.”

Satisfying simplicity, hearty fare, and rich abundance characterize the Scottish Afternoon Tea or High Tea. And yes, afternoon tea and high tea are different. You can read more here…

Taking Afternoon Tea Like the British

Warmth and the gathering of friends is what makes a Scottish Afternoon tea so memorably delightful.

We’ve gathered some simple ideas and recipes of Scottish fare to easily host your own tea. Bring out the plaids, light the fire, or serve outdoors. This is one Afternoon Tea that won’t easily be forgotten.

Scottish Afternoon Tea

Treat your friends to an easy Scottish Afternoon Tea with rustically simple foods with hearty abundance. Perfect for splendid autumn days.


Cullen Skink

A comforting and hearty soup perfect for a Scottish afternoon tea. It's a soup that hails from Moray Firth, an inlet of the North Sea. "Cullen Skink is a full-bodied chowder of potatoes and smoked haddock."

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 Smoked Haddock Bake

A delicious smoked haddock bake will please any afternoon tea crowd.

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Smoked salmon tartlets

A traditional yet easy savory accompaniment for a Scottish Afternoon Tea.

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Crispy Prosciutto di Parma Cups with Goat Cheese Mousse - Prosciutto Di Parma

A simple, beautiful and delicious bite-size cup formed from Prosciutto and topped with a dollop of goat's cheese and minced chives.

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Smoked Haddock Mousse Recipe

"Scotland has a plethora of amazing fresh and seasonal produce to share," and haddock is one of the most popular ingredients."

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Best Cheeses for Afternoon Tea

A cheese course is always appropriate whether that be for a Scottish Afternoon Tea or Burns Night.

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Earl Grey Tea Cake Recipe

"There's something really comforting about teacakes and this recipe for Earl grey teacakes takes them to the next level. Smother them in butter and add a little lemon curd to bring out the flavour. You can shape the teacakes on a baking sheet, but using a traditional Yorkshire pudding tin gives the teacakes a classic flat-bottomed look."

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Smoked Trout Tea Sandwiches

"Smoked Trout Tea Sandwiches to complete your savory tea sandwich selection."

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Mini Rustic Steak Sandwiches

A hearty tea sandiwhch for Scottish Afternoon Tea.

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Dundee Biscuits

"Dundee Biscuits, also known as Scottish oat cakes, dress up nicely when garnished with almonds."

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Oatcake Recipe

"Crumbly and delicious, these delicately flavoured oatcakes from Marcus Wareing are crying out to be served with a slab of cheese - goat's cheese or Camembert would work particularly well. They could also be wrapped up and given to loved ones as gifts, or as part of a homemade hamper with chutney and pickles."

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Scottish Shortbread

A simple shortbread to end a lovely afternoon.

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Cranachan Trifle

"Concluding the gathering on a sweetly refreshing note, delectable Cranachan Trifle showcases crumbles of fresh-baked shortbread, ruby-hued ribbons of plump raspberries, clouds of decadent whisky cream, sprinklings of crunchy homemade granola, and a garnish of honey."

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