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Small Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Recipes

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This is the year many of us are making a small Thanksgiving Dinner. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up the classics, just adapt those recipes for smaller Thanksgiving gatherings.

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Small Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

If you’re celebrating a small Thanksgiving dinner with just a few people, as we will be doing, coming up with a menu can be difficult.

For the first time in memory, I won’t be cooking our Thanksgiving Feast as normal. Scaling back doesn’t mean we’re giving up the holiday spirit.

The following are a collection of easy recipes I’m using for our small Thanksgiving dinner. With a thought of serving 4, plus extras for leftovers.

Because it absolutely wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without those leftovers. I’m looking at you, pumpkin pie, for breastfast on Friday.

How Much Turkey Per Person?

Good Housekeeping has a great chart for determining how much turkey you’ll need.

They say: “If you’re buying a whole turkey, plan on 1 pound (uncooked) per person. For a boneless turkey breast, get ½ pound per person.”

More Thanksgiving Recipes and Ideas

If you’re cooking a turkey for the first time, be sure to check out our Turkey Roasting Chart.

For more ideas on classic and easy Thanksgiving sides, we’ve gathered some delicious ones that add so much flavor to the Thanksgiving dinner. And if stuffing is always a favorite at your table, be sure to glance at our 15 Thanksgiving Stuffing recipes everyone loves.

Dessert is always a favorite and we’ve gathered some delicious Thanksgiving dessert ideas that aren’t pumpkin pie.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Small Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Recipes

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