25 Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes You’ll Love

Feast your eyes on these Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes that are mouthwatering and delicious, from classic herb stuffings to innovative twists that might redefine your stuffing traditions for your holiday table. All are delicious, simple, and are sure to leave your guests craving seconds!

Top view of classic Thanksgiving stuffing recipe in a white baking dish.

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without stuffing. While the turkey will also take center stage, along with the delicious Thanksgiving sides and salads, the dressing is in a category all on its own. At least to me!

So let’s take a look at these mouthwatering stuffing recipes where there is something for everyone!

What Makes for Perfect Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes? 

It’s all about the texture. And is what separates good recipes from awesome recipes. A stuffing’s texture should be moist but not too wet, with a crunchy top that isn’t dry! Plus, it should taste delicious savory!

You’ll love these carefully curated stuffing recipes for your holiday table!

25 Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes You'll Love

More Thanksgiving Recipes to bring to your holiday table!

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