25 Foil Packet Dinners for Grilling, Campfires, and the Oven

shrimp and sausage foil packet dinner

For those busy weeknights or weekends spent outdoors, you’ll love these 25 Foil Packet Dinners for grilling, campfires, and yes, even the oven. Easy cleanup, delicious flavor… in individual packets of incredible flavor.

Honestly… does it get any better?

I don’t think so! Perfect for tailgating, picnicking, backyard bbq… or campfires… and, of course, camping too. 

Grab your notebook and plan your next party… or family dinner.

So many choices… you might just have to try them all!

Just be sure to have a ready supply of heavy-duty aluminum foil on hand. It keeps these dinners, tender, juicy… and, actually, perfect.

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Foil Packet Dinners for Grilling, Campfires and Baking

Nothing says summer quite like foil packet dinners. Bring the fun -- and the delicious eats -- with these foil packets perfect for picnics, grilling, campfire and yes, even oven baking.

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2 thoughts on “25 Foil Packet Dinners for Grilling, Campfires, and the Oven

  1. Carolyn Williams

    Love these foil packet dinners. Thank you so much for sharing, Stephanie!

    1. Stephanie Wilson

      Thank you, Carolyn! Summer is such a fun time for foil packet dinners. Although — fall is fun too, especially if there’s a campfire!

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