30 Minute Mediterranean Diet Dinners Meal Plan (April 1)

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Welcoming a new month and season with April Mediterranean Diet Dinners. A meal plan that is perfect for getting back on track after Easter. Plus, they’re ready in 30 minutes or less!

Top view of grilled chicken with Romesco Sauce for April 30 Minute Mediterranean Diet Dinners.

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Our healthy weekend dinner menus are also delicious, but these are extra special. I don’t know if it’s the new season, the longer days, or that ever-brief hint at the warmer days to come that has me loving this week’s dinners.

This week’s menu may help you clear the refrigerator, use up some leftovers, or simply indulge in the season’s best ingredients easily available at your market.

The menu follows, but first, a quick reminder of what the Mediterranean Diet is.

The Mediterranean Diet: What to Eat and Not Eat

In a few words, here’s what to add to your daily diet and what to avoid when adopting a Mediterranean Diet lifestyle.

  • Add more fish, whole grains, plant-based proteins, and olive oil.
  • Reduce highly processed foods, fatty red meats, refined bread and grains, and sugar.

April Mediterranean Diet Dinners Menu

Monday’s dinner is a quick and easy one-skillet dinner with all the flavors of spring, cooked with the Mediterranean flavors we love. It’s hearty, delicious, and perfect for the Monday following Easter. If you have leftover veggies, this is a great skillet dinner to add them to.

Tuesday’s dinner is another leftover-friendly, healthy recipe that is perfect for the Mediterranean Diet. A warm and delicious meal featuring spring flavors, like lemon, with the season’s best vegetables. Serve with a large green salad.

Wednesday’s dinner is a simple chicken dish with an unbelievably delicious sauce made quickly in a blender and featuring healthy vegetables and bright flavors.

Thursday’s dinner is a sheet pan salmon dinner with roasted asparagus. I’m going to swap the asparagus for small broccoli or cauliflower florets. Otherwise, it’s a simple and healthy dinner with, yay, little cleanup!

Friday’s dinner is a Greek chicken classic made quickly in a skillet. The olives bring a lot of flavor to the dish, so be sure to use your favorite variety!

The Treat is a delicious but “humble” recipe that looks anything but, and a recipe I often make for quick and healthy snacks throughout the week.

Have a beautiful and healthy week!

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April Mediterranean Diet Dinners Meal Plan (April 1)

Indulge in flavorful Mediterranean diet dinners that are ready in 30 minutes or less. These recipes will help you get back on track and enjoy delicious, nutritious meals.

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