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Easy Easter Cake Recipes That Will Dazzle

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It’s not Easter without an Easter cake. Celebrate the holiday with one of these easy Easter cakes we know will dazzle your family and friends. 

Easy Easter Cake Recipes That Will Dazzle | 31Daily.com

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These Easter cake recipes are classic, perfect in hues of pastels, and most are rather simple. Get ready to be inspired!

From classic springtime cakes of strawberry and lemon, to pound cakes, chiffon cakes, almond cakes, and coconut cakes, we also have recipes for cupcakes and simple “anytime” snack cakes.

An Easter cake can be as simple or fancy as you choose.

And then there are the themed cakes, like Easter Lamb Cakes or Easter Bunny Cakes.

Did you grow up with one of those? To me, Easter wasn’t Easter without a Bunny Cake decorated with buttercream, coconut, pink construction paper ears, jelly beans, and a bushy tail.

These days, making bunny cakes are even easier with simple Bunny Cake Molds or Lamb Cake Molds or even vintage-inspired Lamb Cake Molds from Etsy. I particularly love this Lamb Baking Tin from Amazon that I’m purchasing this year.

To this day, it’s the Bunny Cake I look for at every Easter celebration.

Easter Lamb Cake with Easter Eggs

History of Easter Lamb Cakes

I recently ran across an article from the Smithsonian titled, “Easter Lamb Cake Meets the 21st Century.” Although traditional to many cultures, including my German ancestors, this article featured the Czech tradition of Lamb Cakes.

They write that Lamb Cakes were made from either cake batter or sweetened yeast dough and always baked in molds shaped like lambs. Much like the links above.

And as mentioned, these lamb molds were not only popular in the Czech Republic, but also in Poland, Alsace where they were called Lamalas, and in France too.

“These cakes represent Christ as the sacrificial Lamb of God,” they write.

“Some of today’s lamb cakes are dusted with a coating of confectioners’ sugar or drizzled with a light glaze of sugar icing. More elaborate ones are covered with fluffy white frosting, sometimes garnished with shredded almonds or coconut or spread with chocolate icing embellished with white icing swirls. The eyes are made from raisins, whole cloves, or coffee beans, and a small silk ribbon, often with a tiny bell attached, is tied around the lamb’s neck.

Some of these lambs also have a branch of fresh rosemary (symbolizing remembrance) in their mouth, and many hold a colored foil banner bearing the emblem of a lamb or a cross, recalling similar banners carried by Christian crusaders to the Holy Land a thousand years ago.”

Easter Cakes

Whether simple or fancy, Easter Cakes always have room at the table. Here are some easy and inspiring ideas to make your own holiday cake this year.

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Easy Easter Cake Recipes That Will Dazzle

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