April 20 Minute Dinners: What to Cook (April 17)

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April 20 Minute Dinners are on the menu this week for quick, delicious weeknight meals that also happen to be healthy and nourishing. From plant based burrito bowls, to quick skillet dinners, pasta, tacos and more!

Cauliflower Burrito Bowl for April 20 Minute Dinners: What to Cook (April 17)

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Regardless of how organized you are, there are weeknights when dinner needs to happen… fast. Schedules vary and change… and people you need to feed become “hangry!”

I get that. I have a son who by 4pm was already asking… “What’s for dinner?” as he rushed in from basketball practice and was on his way out the door to something else.

This is the week for quick, healthy dinners in 20 minutes (or even less)!

7 Tips for Quick Weeknight Dinners

For those of us whose lives demand quick dinners, this is for you! I recently came across an article from the Today Show detailing tips for getting dinner on the table quickly. Number 7 is… “Get creative.” I agree, but I might also add… consult online menu plans for plenty of ideas too!

7 tips to make weeknight meals faster and easier

  1. Prep dinner in the morning. For easy weeknights, dinner plans should begin in the morning.
  2. Start using your slow cooker.
  3. Practice “double dipping.”
  4. Double or triple recipes.
  5. Start collecting recipes. (Agreed!)
  6. Organize your frozen leftovers.
  7. Get creative!

April 20 Minute Dinners Menu

Monday’s dinner is a plant based cauliflower rice burrito bowl with some quick tips for getting dinner on the table in minutes. Serve with greens and guacamole.

Tuesday’s dinner is a quick taco skillet dinner that’s juicy, delicious, and ready in minutes. Add all your favorite condiments and, of course, a big salad too to round out the meal.

Wednesday’s dinner is a celebration of all things antipasto with a baked smothered chicken that also happens to be healthy… and so delicious I’m already counting the days! Serve with a salad and perhaps your favorite grain.

Thursday’s dinner is a quick and easy salmon dinner with April flavors. I’m serving with Mandarin Orange Salad with Thai Crunch Salad Dressing.

Friday’s dinner should always be a fun and easy dinner… in my book at least! We’re serving a quick and easy pasta that’s packed with veggies and easy to adapt to what you have left in the refrigerator.

Treats: I can’t get lemon out of my mind these days… and these easy cookies are calling my name. I’m baking a double batch to freeze for quick treats… and gift to friends.

Have a beautiful week!

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April 20 Minute Dinners: What to Cook (April 17)

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