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14 Romantic Dinner Recipes for Two

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Romantic Dinner Recipes for Two — for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, date nights at home, or any special occasion.

14 Romantic Dinner Recipes for Two | 31Daily.com

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While we love nights out, date nights at home can be just as special. With that in mind, we’ve gathered 14-plus inspiring romantic dinner recipes to make at home… romantic dinners for two.

Beautiful meals to celebrate your special love, whether on Valentine’s Day, anniversary dinners, birthday dinners, or engagement dinners.

Romantic Dinner Recipes

Here, you’ll find romantic dinner recipes that include steak, salmon, Marsala Chicken, shrimp, easy pasta recipes, lamb, and even pizza.

And desserts? Absolutely don’t forget the dessert. We have some ideas for that, too.

How to Set a Romantic Table for 2

Setting a romantic table for two isn’t difficult and doesn’t require much other than some thoughtful attention. Here are some ideas to consider:

Setting the Mood

I love to play soft background music. This could be classical strings, light jazz, or your favorite love songs. Loud enough to set the mood but not to discourage intimate conversation.

Consider lighting a scented candle, not close to the food but in the background. Relaxing and beautiful scents, like musk or woodsy, vanilla, mint, eucalyptus, lemon, or orange.

Setting the Table

Choose a smaller, intimate setting for dinner. A card table or occasional table can even be repurposed near a fireplace to create an enjoyable special setting. Dress it pretty with linens and flowers (even carnations, the so-called forgotten flowers, or baby’s breath make a beautiful table).

Incorporate romantic reminders of special moments in your life. This could be framed photographs from past trips or a cup of coffee from the coffee shop where you first met. The idea is to be creative and set an atmosphere that is romantic and intimate.

Selecting the Menu

Choose favorite entrees or reminders of special meals you’ve shared. Make it simple, make it delicious, and utterly memorable.

Here are some ideas to get you started!

14 Romantic Dinners for Two

More Romantic Dinners for 2

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