Cozy and Healthy Dinners for Winter Meal Plan (January 15)

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Mid-January is a perfect time for a meal plan featuring Cozy and Healthy Dinners for Winter. While the chill sets in, we’re brightening the evening meal with delicious, nourishing winter dinner recipes from soup to pasta, a sheet pan seafood dinner, and an easy crockpot meal with 5 minutes of prep.

Top view of Beef and Bean Taco Soup for Cozy and Healthy Dinners for Winter

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It’s downright chilly as I write this week’s meal plan! Snow is on the ground and we’re hovering in the high teens. For those of you in cold regions… don’t laugh! This girl is used to Seattle’s temperate weather… although I love nothing more than a cozy, snowy winter.

So to celebrate this beautiful time of the year, we’re making cozy dinners, many ready in 30 minutes or less, one that’s ready in 15 minutes, and a crockpot meal with a mere 5 minutes of prep.

Which sounds just about right for January. Here’s what’s on the menu this week:

Cozy and Healthy Dinners for Winter Menu

Monday’s dinner, for me, is a perfect winter bowl of healthy, cozy goodness. It’s a January staple, delicious… and packed with nutrients to help keep you healthy during the cold months. Add whole grain bread to the meal to satisfy all your hungry eaters.

Tuesday’s dinner is a healthy one-pot meal filled with flavor, easy to make, and perfect for a busy weeknight dinner. Add a winter green salad to round out the meal.

Wednesday’s dinner is a simple crockpot meal with 5 minutes of prep. I love those kinds of recipes! Delicious and tender chicken with honey garlic flavors. Serve over your favorite grain, and add roasted or steamed vegetables. I will either serve sauteed spinach or steamed broccoli; I haven’t decided yet.

Thursday’s dinner is an easy sheet pan white fish recipe that is ready in about 15 minutes. It’s healthy, winter perfect, and delicious!

Friday’s dinner is a cozy mashup of flavors in a healthy bowl of soup… although you might think at a quick glance, it’s chili. Whatever you choose to call it… you will love the flavors and nourishing goodness. Maybe add cornbread to the meal?

The Treat has been on my mind this week after a conversation with a friend about maple flavors and winter. While I love maple all year… for some reason, it’s especially delicious in the heart of winter. And this simple snack cake doesn’t disappoint!

Have a beautiful week!

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Cozy and Healthy Dinners for Winter Meal Plan (January 15)

Cozy and Healthy Dinners for Winter brighten the week with delicious recipes from soup to pasta, seafood sheet pan, and an easy crockpot dish.

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