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Easy Oktoberfest Food Ideas

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As mid-September arrives, so do Oktoberfest celebrations around the world. There is nothing quite like attending festivals both near and far, but bringing it home is a whole new delicious endeavor. Celebrate fall this year with these easy Oktoberfest Food Ideas!

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If you haven’t gathered with the thousands of others attending an Oktoberfest, you’re missing one of life’s most delicious culinary treats. The music, the German joviality, and the aroma of roasting sausages, chickens, and apples are something you can’t miss!

But when attending isn’t possible, or you’re still craving German food, here you will find easy Oktoberfest food ideas you can make at home, too.

But first, let’s talk about Oktoberfest!

When is Oktoberfest?

The largest Oktoberfest is celebrated in Munich, Germany, and occurs for two weeks from mid-September through the first weekend of October and respects about 6 million guests from all over the world.

What Authentic German Foods Are Served for Oktoberfest?

This list of can’t-miss foods at Oktoberfest in Munich includes the following:

Pretzels! – Brez’n – The number one Oktoberfest food, soft Bavarian pretzel that’s also the size of your face.

Half Chickens – Hendl – Thousands of chickens spinning quietly on a rotisserie until they’re seasoned and perfectly juicy, just waiting for you. Crispy half ducks are also popular.

Bratwursts – You’ve got your weisswurst, bratwurst, currywurst, bockwurst, leberwurst, Nuremburg wurst, and Frankfurter Würstchen that is about a foot too long for the bun.

Suckling Pigs – Spanferkel – Served many ways: pickled, roasted, with sauce, without sauce, with bacon or by the leg.

Oxen – ochsen – You can get your oxen roasted, boiled, in soup, and countless other ways at the Spaten beer tent, also known as the Ochsenbraterei.

Beef of all kinds – Rind – Beef stew, beefsteak, beef tartare, boiled beef, and beefcake.

Wiener Schnitzel – Typically served with cranberries and potatoes.

Pork Knuckle – Schweinshaxe

My personal list of Oktoberfest foods I can’t miss but always seem to find at festivals from Leavenworth and Odessa, Washington, along with a favorite Mt. Angel Oktoberfest celebration would include roasted corn on a stick, any cabbage roll, and apple strudel!

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Easy Oktoberfest Food Ideas

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