October Healthy Comfort Food Dinners Meal Plan (October 23)

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The air is growing brisk, and fall comfort foods are on our minds. This week’s menu features October Healthy Comfort Food Dinners, made in one skillet and ready in 15 to 30 minutes!

Easy chicken curry cutlets

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What are your favorite fall comfort foods?

The urge to indulge in your favorite comfort food is almost irresistible when the air gets crisp and downright chilly, and the days grow short.

When writing the menu this week, I took a moment to consider some of my favorite fall comfort foods. While comfort food differs from person to person, here are a few consistently searched-for recipes on Google during the autumn months (annotated with healthier recipe links at 31Daily):

  1. Fall Soup Recipes (See soup recipes here)
  2. Fall Salad Recipes (Harvest Salmon Salad)
  3. Butternut Squash Soup (Butternut Squash Soup)
  4. Apple Crisp (Easy Apple Crisp Recipe)
  5. Chili Con Carn (Healthy Vegetarian Chili Recipe)
  6. Chicken Soup (Restorative French Chicken Noodle Soup)
  7. Pot Pie (Fall Leaf Chicken Pot Pies)
  8. Stew (Mediterranean Greek Beef Stifado)
  9. Crockpot Recipes (See slow cooker recipes here)
  10. Pumpkin Desserts (See pumpkin recipes here)

I could live a whole life with soup every day. This list makes me so happy!

What are your favorite comfort foods, and are they on the Google list? Several of mine are.

Let’s take a look at this week’s menu!

Healthy Comfort Food Dinners Menu

Monday’s dinner is a classic Mediterranean breakfast for dinner. Packed with good-for-you ingredients, and comfort food flavors! Add a big salad and maybe whole grain pitas to round out the meal.

Tuesday’s dinner is a quick and easy Mexican skillet dish that’s easy to improvise with ingredients you have on hand. It’s simple and delicious. Use all the condiments you love for regular tacos or enchiladas. I love plenty of chopped tomatoes, fresh herbs, and chopped green onions.

Wednesday’s dinner is an easy skillet chicken meal ready in 20 minutes and filled with what is to me, comfort food. Anything and everything curry in the cold months!

Thursday’s dinner is another quick (like 15 minutes quick) weeknight meal featuring salmon and an easy pan sauce that’s wonderful. Add roasted veggies or greens to the meal. I’m also adding herbed Mediterranean couscous to keep my guys full!

Friday’s dinner is a “healthier” version of skillet pasta made with ground chicken, whole grain pasta, and cheesy goodness. Add whole-grain bread and a fall salad.

The Treat is all about comfort and easy prep– think… apple pie. Yum!

Have a beautiful and delicious week!

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October Healthy Comfort Food Dinners Meal Plan (October 23)

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