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Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate Bombs Recipes and Store Bought

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Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate Bombs are all the rage this year. They’re a fun, festive treat everyone is talking about. Find out how to make your own hot cocoa bombs or simply where to buy them.

Hot Cocoa with Valentine's Day Hot Cocoa Bombs

As Valentine’s Day approaches, there are so many ways to show your love with food. From fancy romantic dinners to fun Valentine’s Day treats for the whole family

You can make a theme out of Valentine’s Day with French Recipes for Valentine’s Day or simply serve a Valentine’s Day Breakfast — whether that’s in bed or with cozy slippers at the breakfast table.

Or perhaps, gathering your people close and serving a simple Valentine’s Day Afternoon Tea is more your style.

But if your people love hot cocoa, and who doesn’t in the winter?, these Hot Chocolate Bombs are THE perfect way to show love on Valentine’s Day! 

What Are Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate Bombs?

Hot chocolate bombs became popular over the holidays. Essentially, they are hollow domes filled with hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, sprinkles, and sometimes other fun add-ins. Drop it in a mug of steaming milk and watch it melt into chocolate heaven! 

Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate Bombs Are Selling Fast! 

Show your Valentine how special they are with one of these store-bought heart-shaped hot chocolate treats.

Valentine Hot Chocolate Bombs and Where to Buy Them

Making Hot Chocolate Bombs at Home

See these easy recipes and ideas for making a DIY Hot Chocolate Bomb at home!

Valentine Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipes

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