Valentine’s Day Afternoon Tea

A Valentine’s Day Afternoon Tea is a lovely way to gather friends, young love, or lasting relationships. Celebrate the holiday with those you love over fragrant cups of tea and simple finger foods.  

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We’ve gathered beautiful yet simple table setting ideas and easy, delicious recipes. Following, you will find simple, festive recipes and tablesettings to spark ideas for creating and hosting your own Valentine’s Day Afternoon Tea.

Valentine's Day Table Setting

Valentine’s Day Tea Parties

What comes to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day? Is is roses… what color? Is it lace, pastels, ruby reds?

What dishware do you want to use? What colors are they?

And then finger foods, which teatime treats do you want to serve? Which ones seem most appropriate for a Valentine celebration? (Hint, following are several dozen recipes to inspire you).

For me, those questions are the starting place for all tea parties and afternoon teas I love to host.

You’ve heard of mood boards. In essence this is a teatime mood board. Begin to think about all of the things you love about Valentine’s Day. Is it hearts and flowers, sweet treats, mini chocolates? What about candy and finger foods? As you begin to create a mental image (or mood board) I’m positive you’ll come up with your own amazing, memorable Valentine’s tea party that is uniquely your own.

Once that image is in your mind, write a guest list (even if its for one other person), and think about the things they like. What do they talk about, what are they drawn to, what are their hobbies, tea they love to sip?

Finally, take it one step further and determine the mood you want to create. Do you want your tea party to reflect a certain era, like Victorian? Or do you prefer modern and simple, perhaps casual and fun?

And then, it’s all about gathering tea ideas, recipe ideas, and inviting special people to your tea.

Valentine’s Day Tea Ideas

Valentine Tea Recipes

Here you will find several dozen recipes, all delicious, simple, and perfect for a Valentine’s Tea.

Valentine's Day Afternoon Tea Recipes

Beautiful, mostly simple, Valentine's Day worthy recipes to host your own Afternoon Tea.

Celebrate Afternoon Tea All Year

Seasons of Afternoon Tea

Celebrate Afternoon Tea all year long from winter to summer, autumn, and spring.

How to Host an Afternoon Tea

Simple ideas on how to host your own afternoon tea.

More Afternoon Tea and Valentine’s Day Recipes and Ideas

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