31 Best Holiday and Christmas Cookies Recipes

Iced Sugar Cookie Snowflakes

It’s Christmas! And that means… it’s also Christmas Cookies season! Which means… it’s time to bake. And we’ve gathered some of the most decadent, beautiful, and best holiday and Christmas Cookie recipes we could find.

So often, Christmas cookies are a lot about the classic and familiar. We often say, “It wouldn’t be Christmas without…” that particular cookie.

But Christmas cookies are also about experimenting with interesting new flavors, textures, and twists on the classics.

It’s also about gifting, baking, creating, and bringing the holidays to those we love or have community with… in cookie form.

This list is about the classic and familiar cookies. It’s also about new ideas of old favorites. This list contains the Christmas cookies we seem to make every year, and those we can’t wait to try.

So turn up your favorite Christmas music, be that Bing, Frank, or Mariah… and let’s bake some Christmas cookies!

By the way, just in case you love Christmas music as much as we do, here’s the Amazon 31Daily Christmas playlist we are baking with all season long.

31 Best Christmas Cookie Recipes Ever

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