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26 Easy Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers

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Get quick and easy recipes and ideas for your Thanksgiving Leftovers like soup, turkey pot pie, salads, casseroles, sandwiches, and more! Simple ways to turn delicious Thanksgiving recipes into savory meal ideas you’ll love!

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Some believe the best part of Thanksgiving begins the night of … or, at the very least, the following day. I’m not sure I agree with them. I love Thanksgiving dinner — the food, of course, but all of the other intangibles that go along with it… the customs and traditions. However, because the feast is so tantalizing, it only stands to reason that Thanksgiving turkey leftovers are equally amazing.

Traditions, however, can also extend to the night of, or the morning after. My mom would be in that bunch. Her favorite tradition is a bite of pumpkin pie… Friday morning. Do you have any leftover traditions?

I’m still working on mine. But I will tell you I always make a big pot of Turkey Leftover Soup. What’s your favorite way to use Thanksgiving leftovers?

Chefs weigh in on Turkey Leftovers

If you’ve ever wondered how chefs use leftovers, the editorial staff of Cooking Light Magazine weighed in with some of their leftover traditions:

“I always make a turkey stock and leave my parents with a nice turkey minestrone soup.”
– Mary Kay Culpepper, Editor in Chief.

“I make stock and freeze it in ice cube trays. Then it’s ready to go when I need it later.”
– SaBrina Bone, Test Kitchens Professional

“My aunt does that and makes gumbo.”
– Mike Wilson, Test Kitchens Professional

“Since Thanksgiving is so American, it’s fun to go international.”
– Julie Grimes, Associate Food Editor

“I like to do jook. It’s a rice porridge dish, and you can just throw in a turkey wing.”
– Kathy Kitchens Downie, Associate Food Editor

Imaginative and Delicious Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers

Here are a few ideas we found that are both imaginative and delicious.

Healthy Turkey Tetrazzini

“Easy turkey tetrazzini from scratch! Made without canned soup, this healthy version opts for leftover turkey, peas, and lowfat cream cheese.”

Easy Turkey Pho

Imaginative and Delicious Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers | 31Daily.com

“Just an extremely flavorful (understatement of the century) Easy Turkey Pho that starts with a turkey-based broth with heaps upon heaps upon heaps of steamy rice noodles and every possible topping in the universe including but not limited to heavy-handed dousing of sriracha even if that’s not totally authentic.”

Leftover Turkey Pot Pie

“Turkey Pot Pie is the perfect way to enjoy leftover roast turkey! A creamy filling loaded with turkey and veggies is tucked inside a flaky pie crust and baked until golden and bubbly!”

Leftover Turkey Spring Rolls

Imaginative and Delicious Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers | 31Daily.com

“These are phenomenally delicious, and such a nice, crunchy contrast to all the rich Thanksgiving food. It’s only 8:34, we’re heading out to work calves, but I’m craving one of these for breakfast right now.”

Turkey Noodle Soup

Turkey Vegetable Noodle Soup and Homemade Turkey Stock | 31Daily.com

If you have leftover turkey, this is my all-time favorite way to use it. This bowl of comfort food, packed with healthy vegetables and wide noodles, makes every day better. And the flavors? Its reminiscent flavors will remind you of your feast. In other words… it’s just perfect! Turkey Noodle Soup full of tender egg noodles, fresh veggies, and tender shredded turkey in just 35 minutes.

Turkey, Brie and Cranberry Mustard Panini

Imaginative and Delicious Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers | 31Daily.com

“After Thanksgiving comes Thanksgiving sandwiches, which is possibly the best part of Thanksgiving. Or even better, Thanksgiving turkey paninis! All the work is done. Everything is clean and put away. And there are all those leftovers to eat. That’s the time to pull out a few slices of turkey, grab some leftover cheese, and make a simple cranberry mustard to put it over the top. A quick flip in your grill pan, then relax and eat and think about that slice of pie you are going to have next.”

Leftover Turkey Gumbo

“I know rice is traditional with gumbo, but this is a Thanksgiving Gumbo, and a Thanksgiving Gumbo needs mashers! You could obviously do rice if all your mashed potatoes get eaten, OR you could also use leftover wild rice. That would be delish as well!”

Turkey Cobb Salad

Imaginative and Delicious Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers | 31Daily.com

“You can mix and match the listed ingredients to create your own version of this salad. We used store-bought roasted turkey, but chicken also works well.”

Turkey Barley Soup

Imaginative and Delicious Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers | 31Daily.com

“Use that leftover turkey from Thanksgiving dinner to make a comforting barley soup. Make broth from the turkey carcass, and herbs that you already have on hand. A light and healthy soup to help you recover from your mashed potato coma. I know you.”

Homemade Turkey Stock

Homemade Turkey Stock Recipe | 31Daily.com

When a turkey holiday meal is complete, don’t throw away the carcass. Instead, make a flavorful Homemade Turkey Stock that will keep in the freezer all winter long.

Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers Recipe Ideas

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