10 Summer Popsicle Recipes

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Summer Popsicle Recipes: It isn’t summer without homemade summer popsicle recipes. Cool and refreshing, they are incredibly easy to make, often healthy, and capture the season perfectly!

Fruit Yogurt Popsicles for Summer Popsicle Recipes

When I think of childhood summers, popsicles seem to weave into memories of long, hot, and dusty summer days. Ever-present in recollections of endless hours of play, adventures dreamed… and popsicles dripping in summer’s heat.

Our freezer was always stocked with brightly colored and flavored pops. It was the mid-day stop for my neighborhood friends.

The afternoon of the last day of school was often marked by the first sound of summer… the chimes and distinctive music from the roaming ice cream truck. And when it arrived on your street, it was pandemonium. And celebration… and, a hallmark of summer. 

Today, I occasionally hear an ice cream truck motor down our street, and the kids still run to it.

It’s on those days I smile and reach into my freezer for a healthier version of those summer favorites.

Bypassing the rocket-shaped popsicles waiting for my now college-age kid on his next visit home. Today, I search and find any number of equally delicious, grown-up popsicles, to once again celebrate summer.

What I Love About Homemade Popsicles

  • Perfect for leftover berries and summer fruit
  • Easy to try new flavor combinations of fruit and herbs
  • Can be as easy as freezing a favorite juice

Popsicle Summers

While one of my son’s favorite summer popsicle recipes was simply frozen orange juice, today, his appetite is more adventurous.

There are so many ways to enjoy summer, but summer popsicles are near the top.

When the sun is hotter than hot, and the ice cream truck hasn’t arrived — give these 10 Summer Popsicle Recipes a try!

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10 Summer Popsicle Recipes

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