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15 Warm Drinks to Warm You Up on Chilly Days

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When winter weather seems to seep into your bones, when the days are short and you crave anything toasty, these easy and delicious winter warm drinks will have you relishing the frigid months of the season.

Side view of non alcoholic hot toddy in glass mugs with cinnamon sticks and pears

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And I mentioned easy, right?

Here you will find simple recipes for warm drinks ranging from tea to lattes, healthful hot toddies, mulled cider, hot cocoa, mocktails, and more, perfect for a cold winter day.

For me, I can’t tell you how many afternoons are spent walking around my kitchen with a cup of hot water. I love my winter teas and morning latte’s, but sometimes even a steaming cup of warm water will do the trick.

These recipes are decidedly more delicious than warm water!

But before we get to them, let’s first let’s explore a newer January trend that Americans are increasingly embracing.

What is Dry January?

“Dry January” actually began in the U.K. in 2014 to improve health. Since then, the idea has traveled to other countries, including the United States and shows no sign of fading.

“The first year 4,000 people participated. In 2022, 35% of American adults, according to a CNN report, gave up drinking for the month.”

Essentially “Dry January” encourages setting aside alcoholic beverages in lieu of flavorful, even healthy drinks during the month, and hopefully continuing throughout the winter.

Why Are Warm Drinks Comforting?

You know that moment when you first nestle a warm beverage into your hands on a chilly day? It’s a moment of euphoria for me. A moment when the world seems right again and hope springs new that my fingers will actually warm up.

Warm drinks are cups of happiness that brighten your mood, soothe aches and heartaches, instant relaxers, and a delightful welcome home.

Warms drink “soften the pace of life.”

The Guardian

As it turns out, warm drinks are more than just a feeling.

Studies show that sipping warm liquids help expand blood vessels and improve circulation, which is linked to muscle relaxation.

Research from Yale University and the University of Colorado suggests that “physical warmth and emotional warmth are linked. In fact, the temperature of the drink you’re holding could influence your feelings of trust and tenderness toward toward the people around you.”

Non Alcoholic Hot Toddy

Health professionals will often recommend a non-alcoholic “hot toddy” to relieve sinus issues and boost immunity. This Williams Sonoma version is more than even the doctor could order. Absolutely delicious!

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Warm Drink Recipes To Warm Up With

And now, here are some delightful simple ways to warm up in winter.

15 Warm Drinks to Warm You Up on Chilly Days

When winter weather seeps into your bones, when days are short and you crave anything toasty, you'll love these amazing warm drinks recipes.

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