Memorial Day Cookout Recipes + A Refugee’s Story


Memorial Day Cookout Recipes + A Refugee's Story |

Happy Memorial Day!

While to many, Memorial Day is the beginning of the much-anticipated summer season.

To others, it’s a day set aside to honor, and remember, to gather, and celebrate.

A day to be reminded of our priceless freedom.

Here are some ways to remember… and yes, celebrate!

A Refugee’s Story

Memorial Day Cookout Recipes + A Refugee's Story |

It’s a letter from father to son.

And it begins like this:

“To my sons, Michael and Alex: I have an important message to share with you–one that involves an important American holiday…”

And continues…

I speak of Memorial Day, which to you may just mean the official beginning of summer.”

The father then explains what Memorial Day means to him:

“You see, I came to the United States in 1975 as a refugee…”

With nothing but the clothes on his back… and a little hope. Click here to read his story, or in the article, “10 Freedoms,” below.

Memorial Day Cookout Recipes + A Refugee's Story |

10 Freedoms

It's Memorial Day, a day we, as a nation, have rightly set aside to honor the more than 1,000,000 (million) ...
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It’s easy to forget

Memorial Day Cookout Recipes + A Refugee's Story |

Though we argue, and debate, and sometimes have widely opposing views on the governance of this great land… we should never forget.

May we be reminded that despite our differences, this amazing group of states we call America is, as a whole, prosperous, safe… and free.

Remembering Memorial Day: 7 Ways to Celebrate

Decoration Day Sleep, comrades, sleep and rest On this Field of the Grounded Arms, Where foes no more molest, Nor ...
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Why We Remember

Memorial Day Cookout Recipes + A Refugee's Story |

Memorial Day Cookout Recipes + A Refugee's Story | 31Daily.comIt was 1863 when Henry Ward Beecher stood before his congregation at Plymouth Church in Brooklyn, New York and said these words…

“The young men of the country have fallen by thousands on the field…”

“But how bright a record is there for those who have died in the defense of their country. Those that die for a good cause are redeemed from death.”

“They hover as a cloud of witnesses over the nation…”

“He that is dead was your son; now he is the nation’s; he was your brother; he is now the brother of every man that loves his country. He was yours — he is ours. Not one name shall be forgotten of all the generous best.”

“Neither are they less honored who shall bear through life the marks of their battle service. The nation will honor them, so that strong men shall covet those who limp. Children shall flock with loving reverence to look upon those whose hands can no more work; whose feet can no more march except toward the common bourne. The nation will not forget those whose blood gave vital currents to her heart.”

The entire text of his sermon can be found at The New York Times Archives.

Memorial Day Cookout Recipes + A Refugee's Story |

Let’s Celebrate!

Have a beautiful weekend!

Remember. Don’t forget.

And yes… celebrate!

The servants of this great land…

And a new season just beginning.

Let’s celebrate summer! See our “Memorial Day Cookout Ideas.” 

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