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What to Cook in June: Recipes and Produce Guide

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What to Cook in June? Recipes and Produce Guide | 31Daily.com

What to cook in June? Check out these what’s-in-season recipes and produce guides for avocados, strawberries, blueberries, cucumbers, eggplant, greens, rhubarb and more!

What to Eat in June: Avocados



While avocados are in the markets year-round -- California avocados are in season now! And avocado on toast, need I say more? Then... guacamole and salads and hummus are top of my list too!

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What to Eat in June? Blueberries



It's time for the world's most delicious berry. From blueberry pies to healthy morning quinoa, add these little sweet morsels to everything you can think of! Here are a few ideas.

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What to Make in June? Cucumbers



Look for thin-skinned Persian cucumbers, you may find them in packages labeled "baby cucumbers," which they're not, but who's counting?

What to Cook in June? Eggplant



Coming into season later this month is eggplant, a summer glossy and plumb vegetable, a perfect base for pasta and meatless favorites. Look for eggplants that feel heavy and have firm and glossy skin. Avoid those with wrinkled skin, soft spots, or brown patches.

What to Make in June? Greens

salad greens


Hungry for greens? Me too! Here are some ideas!

What to Find in June? Rhubarb



It's rhubarb season! Time for wide slices of rhubarb pie, cakes, and more. Look for stalks that are firm, crisp and blemish free. If leaves are still attached, choose stalks with leaves that look fresh. Refrigerate unwashed rhubarb stalks for up to one week.

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What to Cook in June? Strawberries



Strawberries are dotting the fields green this month. Add them into salads, sauces, desserts and more. Or top your favorite pancakes with these sweet delicious berries. Before they're gone, be sure to make a quick jam.

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