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24 Father’s Day Grill Party Recipes

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What are you doing for Dad this year? Here’s a fun idea– Celebrate the men in your life with these easy Father’s Day Grill Party recipes, from classic grilled steaks, chicken, and burgers, to Mediterranean recipes, vegetables, salads, and delicious Father’s Day desserts.

Grilling steaks and corn on the cob

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Backyard BBQ or grilling of any kind seems to be synonymous with Father’s Day. And middle-of-June weather is often perfect!

While I’m positive that Dad will love anything you make for him, a Father’s Day Grill Party makes it even more fun and special.

So break out your favorite grilling tools, heat up the BBQ, and prepare to make delicious, juicy food he’ll love.

Father’s Day Party Recipes You May Also Love

While we’re celebrating with a summer grill party this year, here are some more ideas the men in my family love.

He may love ideas from our Argentine Father’s Day Recipes post for a twist on classic summer BBQ.

Or, if he is loves fishing, a Lakeside Fisherman Supper is always a favorite for my guys. Simple and rustic but memorable!

What about breakfast? These Father’s Day Breakfast Ideas are not weather dependent, are simple to make… and are filled with ideas he’ll love.

Father’s Day Grill Party Recipes: Grilling Accessories

These helpful grilling tools will provide hours of backyard summer grilling fun.

  • Blackstone Grill: a flat-top griddle station, perfect for restaurant-quality outdoor grilling and camping.
  • Grilling Tools Set: essential grilling tools for backyard grilling or on the go!
  • Marinating Set: grilled foods that have marinated for a bit are THE most delicious. This convenient set makes marinating foods easy with less mess.
  • Instant Read Meat Thermometer: an essential tool for grilling this summer and fall.
  • Copper Grill Mats: I love these for keeping the grill clean and reducing flare-ups!
  • Grilling Pizza Stone: Grilling pizza is easy with this grilling stone! It’s also so versatile; you can even bake cookies or make pancakes on the grill too!
  • Pizza Oven: An outdoor built-in pizza oven would be a wonder if you love pizza. But if that’s not in the budget this year, outdoor pizza ovens have come a long way. This Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit fits onto a Weber charcoal grill. And this Grill Top Pizza Kit works with any gas, charcoal, or pellet grills.

Father's Day Grill Party Recipes

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